How to Audit Your Chiropractor Website for Better Search Visibility

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Every Chiropractor website has its own set of challenges that need to be addressed. A website audit is the starting point for any chiropractor that wants to take their online presence seriously.

A site audit is a process of checking your site for errors, which can be done manually or using automated tools. The goal is to find and fix all the errors in order to get your website up-to-date with modern SEO standards and make it more search engine friendly.

If you are planning to improve your search engine ranking by improving your website, Here are the things that you can do and this is the process that we use to improve visibility of other chiropractors who ask us for website audit.

What is a website audit for a chiropractor?

A website audit is a detailed analysis of a website. It can help identify site optimization opportunities, usability errors, conversion rate optimization opportunities, content gaps and other issues that might be contributing to low traffic and customers.

A website audit can help identify problems and provide solutions for:

  • Site loading speed
  • Conversion rates
  • Usability errors
  • Content gaps
  • Keyword analysis

How does the Chiropractic website audit process work?

The Chiropractic website audit process consists of three major steps. The first step is to conduct a competitive analysis, which is an assessment of the business’s website in comparison to its competitors. The second step is the evaluation of the website’s content and design for user experience. And finally, there is a usability testing process that will help determine whether or not the website should be improved.

What are the different types of Chiropractor website audits?

Websites are often one of the most important marketing tools for any business, and when it comes to chiropractic clinics, many might feel that they don’t have anything to optimize when it comes to their website.

Websites for chiropractic clinics can still use quite a lot in terms of optimization and what this typically includes is:

  1. Technical Audit
  2. Performance Audit
  3. Local SEO Audit
  4. Keywords and Content Audit
  5. Website Security Audit
  6. Competitors Audit
  7. Review and Reputation Audit
  8. Backlinks Profile Audit

1- Website Technical Audit for Chiropractors

A web site technical audit is a process that checks functionality of your site. This includes the desoktop and mobile views of your site. The goal is to check for any problems with your site’s functionality, architecture, design, and content. It also identifies potential issues like: Broken Links, Inconsistent XML Sitemaps, Duplicate Content, Keyword Canabalism, Website loading speed and Poor Backlink Profiles.

If you need help with this process we recommend consulting with a digital agency who has experience in conducting website technical audits for chiropractors. They can help diagnose any issues and provide valuable insight into how to fix them.

2- Website Performance Audit for Chiropractic Clinics

Website performance audit is a crucial part of any Chiropractor website Audit. The audit helps identify and fix any potential problems that might be hindering the website’s performance in search engine results pages. However, many businesses often overlook this particular aspect of their marketing efforts.

This is where we come in with our website performance audit service for chiropractic clinics to help you deliver a better customer experience and increased conversion rates.

Here are some questions that we will answer during the process:

  • How fast is your website?
  • Are your users happy with your website performance?
  • Find Coding issues on page and how you can fix them?

3- GMB Audit for Chiropractors

GMB helps businesses manage their online presence on Google. It’s the hub for managing the information that appears with your search results, including business name, address, phone number, photos, reviews and more.

Google my business helps to increase visibility of your office on google search engine. It also gives you the opportunity to showcase your services and professional experience while providing useful information about your clinic location and hours of operation. This in turn leads to improved customer service which in turn leads to improved reviews which then leads to increased revenue!

To Start the Chiropractor GMB Audit, You need to provide as much information as possible to Google such as:

Business hours, Phone Number, Product and services, Website url, Practice Address and Office Photos.

4- Chiropractors Keywords and Content Audit

The key to a successful Chiropractor website is content and keywords. When it comes to keyword research, chiropractors need to target the right keywords that their audience is searching for. A great way to do this is by running a keyword search for high-volume relevant keywords in your industry on Google. You need to also Look at Search Console Data to identify which keyword you are already ranking for.

Keyword ranking is important because it helps you identify which pages are getting the most traffic from your target audience. You can use Moz or Ahrefs for this task. It’s good practice to update your content regularly and make sure that you are using the right keywords.

5- Chiropractic Website Security Audit

A security audit of a Chiropractic website can help protect it from any malware or hacking attempts, which might result in identity theft or compromised Customer informations. A professional can look for vulnerabilities and fix them before they become an issue.

You also need to secure your Chiropractor practice website with SSL certificate for better user experience as Chrome and other browsers warn visitors if you done have SSL on your website which increase the bounce rate.

6- Competitors Audit for Chiropractors

Knowing your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses is one of the most important things when you are doing competitor audit and trying to improve your chiropractor’s clinic online visibility.

There are many benefits to knowing who your main competitors are in your industry. It can help you know where you stand in relation to them, what their weaknesses are, and how you can work to surpass them. You need to look at

  • There Call to Actions
  • What Keyword are they ranking for?
  • What is there content strategy?
  • How they are managing Social Media?
  • How many reviews they have on Google and other places such as Yelp?

7-Review Management for Chiropractors

Chiropractic practice reviews are a major factor in the buying decision for consumers. They impact the reputation of a business and therefore its ability to grow. Review management is a crucial aspect of this process, as it helps to maintain a positive reputation by acting proactively to fix any negative reviews.

Reviews are an important metric that is often overlooked when assessing a company’s online presence. It can be difficult to manage reviews, as each customer will have their own expectations for how they should be dealt with by the chiropractor. To take care of this, You need to have a system of getting reviews from your best customer and showcase them on your website.

8- Backlink Audit for Chiropractors

With the help of backlink audit, chiropractors can now know if they are doing well in generating backlinks for their site.

The first step of a backlink audit is to find out what your competitors are doing and compare their content and backlinks to your own. From here, you can work out what will be the best course of action for you.

A backlink audit is a process by which you create a list of all URLs pointing to your web page and count the number of links on the page (inbound) and on those pages (outbound).

Final Thoughts

A website audit for Chiropractors is one of the most crucial elements that go into the process of developing an effective SEO strategy. It provides a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not, so that you have a good understanding of the steps to take next.

It is important for any business owner to make sure their Chiropractic Practice website is up to date in terms of SEO, design, and technical aspects in order to maintain its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). A website audit can also help identify if there are any errors or issues with an existing site, in addition to mapping out opportunities for improvement. It will also provide insights on how well your site performs in terms of engagement with visitors, which can be used as benchmarks for comparison when you are updating your site or creating new content.

It’s not just about back pain and neck pain. It’s about search engine optimization, Your website Performance and your content to help your business grow online.

We’ll help to ensure that your site is ready to rank in Google.

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