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What is Website Audit?

A website audit provides valuable insights on how to improve your website’s performance and improve its search ranking. It also helps you analyze the traffic on your site. 

Websites that are vital for your business success should be improved with regular site audits. This practice will help you stay ahead of the competition and provide a better experience for your users.

Benefits of Website Audit

Why You Should Do Website Audit?

Website audits are really important because they provide your business with the chance to increase your visibility and improve its search ranking. This will increase traffic and performance, which will benefit your bottom line.
Improve Performance

Website Performance Audit

A performance audit is a great way to find out if your website is bringing right people in or simply taking up space on the internet. It’s helpful for businesses and organizations that want to see what their website is accomplishing; think of it as an accountability tool.
Improve SEO

Technical SEO Audit

SEO is not just link building. With Complete SEO Audit, You can find thin content, Stuff keyword pages, Missing and broken links and much more. You will uncover so much more details in technical SEO Audit.

Understand Your Competition

Competitive Analysis Website Audit

Comparing your website with your top competitors in your location or industry will help you understand what works for them and what you can learn from them. You need to look at there keywords and backlinks and there are so many tools that you can use to uncover the data:

Improve Conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

Your Call to actions and Your landing page are important and need a change if you are getting low quality leads or not getting any leads. You need to place the CTAs if they are not already there.

Mobile Friendly Website

Website Mobile Responsive Audit

Is Your website Mobile Responsive? Because 50-60% of all traffic is coming from Mobile devices and if your website is not mobile friendly, You are missing opportunities. You can check Mobile friendly-ness score by searching on:

Secure Your Website

Website Security Audit

Website Security audit checks for website plugins, themes and SSL issues. A website which is not secure could be an easy target to hackers, malwares and other bad actors. You will lose all your rankings and traffic if your security is compromised.

Penalty Recovery and Optimization

Penalty and Recovery Audit

Is Your website penalized and you still don’t know the reason? A detailed website audit will help you to find the reason of Penalty and how you can recover from it. The place to look for this is:

Results that Matters

What to Expect from a Complete Website Audit

A huge list of problems and how to fix them. You’ll uncover the broken links, 404 pages, Thin content pages, url issues, SSL issues, Meta Tags and Heading tags issues and much more.

Usability and Architecture

Site Health Audit

A Site Health audit is like a complete yearly checkup with your MD. He will perform several test and give you overall outlook of your health. Search engines Loves health websites and send more visitors to your website. 

Tell a Better Story

Website Content Audit

Your Content is most important part of your overall marketing strategy and if you have the right content on your website, you will generate tons of traffic and leads. Content audit will help you improve your content by looking at the website home page, services pages and blog posts. 

Tag Manager and facebook Pixel

Pixel Tracking Audit

Tracking pixels such as Analytics UA tag, Facebook pixel, and Gtag can help you understand your audience and reach them again with another offer or better offer. pixel Tracking audit can help you fix any problem that you may have with the tracking your visitors.

Organize Your Structure

Website Structure Audit

Website structure is all about Internal Linking and Navigation of your website. Search engines and users prefer a linear website structure that is easy to navigate and easy to understand.

Know Your Customers

Social Media Audit

Search engines depends heavily on your social signals and if you are doing website audit, you should also audit your social media as well. Complete every social profile and link it up with your website. Get more reviews and links.

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